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Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II with HiFi and 2-DIN navigation

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II (75th Anniversary) Installation: August 2015

In this Rolls-Royce, the original 1-DIN car radio was replaced with a modern 2-DIN navigation unit. For this, the cigarette lighter and the seat belt warning light had to give way and the center vent outlet had to be moved down a few millimeters. The Zenec ZE-NC2041D was installed because it has a very simple and symmetrical look.

Focal 13cm coaxial speakers were installed in the front and rear doors, which significantly improved the sound and played a decent fundamental tone despite the lack of a subwoofer. They were amplified by a small plug 'n play amplifier from Clarion, which was installed under the glove compartment.


At the rear end of the center console, between the seats, two more USB sockets have been installed to allow fund passengers to charge electronic devices such as smartphones.

Rolls Royce Silver Spur with double DIN navigation
Rolls Royce Silver Spur 1980 -1998 Installation: March 2014

The slot was extended underneath and a second flap was built in front of the display underneath the upper radio cover flap so that the modern radio does not interfere with the age-appropriate appearance of the dashboard when folded and concealed.

In the Rolls Royce, a double DIN navigation unit from Zenec was to be installed instead of the normal 1-DIN slot and ashtray. Modern technology was to be combined here with the burl wood design.

The original speakers were exchanged for a speaker set from Focal. A 3-way system with a 13cm woofer was installed, whereby the installation of the tweeter is a particular challenge: This is screwed to the dashboard from below and thus cannot be mounted from above.

A 13-cm 2-way system, also from Focal, was installed in the rear doors.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II with high-end hifi installation
Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II Installation: August 2007

The amplifier

On the housing of the air conditioner in the trunk was installed Zapco digital amplifier. This device is a dream and made for such cars: The built-in processor makes equalizing and runtime correction possible without me having to install controls that do not match the style of the car. Just dock it to the laptop via USB and adjust from the comfort of the driver's seat! And that paired with a sound that is second to none!

The vehicle

A high quality hi-fi system was to be installed in this beautiful classic car while maintaining the style of the car.

The front system

A 16 cm 2-way system was installed in the front doors. The woofer was screwed onto the door panel - the tweeter was recessed into the door trim.

The rear system

The rear system was mounted to match the front system.

The subwoofer

To give the system the necessary bass, a subwoofer box was mounted centrally under the dashboard. A 16cm subwoofer chassis was mounted in each of the left and right sides, which provided significantly more bass than one would initially expect from a 16cm subwoofer.